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The Venice Sailing Squadron (VSS) 2017-2018 Season has Ended.
Click HERE for the season Wrap-UpAnd HERE for a race by race recap for most of the Season.

Below this I have left some of the material from last season so you can read about how the racing worked that season.

3/18/18 Update
Last season VSS deployed seven new (hopefully) permanent marks, but hurricane Irma made a mess of the courses and and subsequent storms and likely collisions have reduced our mark count to only two of the original seven. They are 9.5" diameter yellow spar buoys that should extend about 3' above the surface.  They are marked "D" and "F". For the time being Marks "F" and "D" are two of the corners of a ~5 nm around equilateral triangle. Inflatable buoys will be used at the corner closest to shore to form a start-finish line. I'm calling the course Irma, for obvious reasons, and the buoys will be known as "Irma" (labled  D), "Maria", (F) and "Jose" (the inflatables) which will form the start and finish lines.  The Start-Finish area will be ~ 1/4 nm west of the venice inlet.

This year, at least in the beginning, the race management of the VSS races will be provided by Green Flash Sailing.  GF will design the courses, run the skippers' meetings, provide the Sailing Instructions (SI), run the races and record the results. We will attempt to do these things in accordance with what we understand the Squadron's racers preferences are, based on the meeting at the Cashion residence of September 8, 2016. For the first few races, we will be running pursuit races very much like those that were used for the GF races. Most races will be scheduled to start at  1300 (1 PM) about 0.25 nm west of the Inlet. The Skipper's meetings will be held at Higel Park at 1100 on race days.  It will be advisable for you to come to these meetings, especially the first ones, as things may be a bit fluid.  Additionally, if your looking for crew or trying to crew on a boat, the Skippers' Meeting is the best place to look.  Show up a bit early and let you wishes be known.
A PDF version of the NOS is available by clicking HERE
Click HERE for VSS Sailing Instructions (SI)

Click HERE for a PDF of the Start Times
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Click HERE for the racing Rules of Sailing and related material

Click HERE for a printable protest form
Some useful documents from US Sailing and World Sailing, including a large collection of PHRF ratings, can be found by clicking HERE.

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